Law School from the perspective of a film major. Rated R for some disturbing imagery, crude and sexual content, some drug use, creature violence, terror, language, and brief nudity (not).

Done with the Bar!!!

Done with the Bar!!!

You think you’re thinking, but you’re actually listening.

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Your facial expressions as I went through the umpteenth rule a moment ago ranged from sad to homicidal.

Prof. S. in Legal Ethics


The average human lifespan, illustrated with jelly beans

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Law school wasn’t a waste of jelly beans. Older Americans Month 2013 – Unleash the Power of Age! 


By Carol M. Crecy, Director of External Affairs, U.S. Administration for Community Living

For 50 years, May has been the month we celebrate older adults across the nation. You could say that Older Americans Month is coming of age. This year’s theme—“Unleash the Power of Age!”—emphasizes older…

Let’s celebrate the seniors in our lives!

The Hipster Libertarian: In case you all don't know... 


Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of the death of St. Valentine, a Christian minister in 3rd century Rome.According to legend, Emperor Claudius II was concerned about the morale Roman soldiers, which was suffering due to the long periods of time they were out conquering…

Belated, but still interesting.



The principle here is sort of like “Time flies when you’re having fun,” but simpler. The basic notion, says MIT researcher Richard Larson, is that time goes by if you are doing something — anything — that occupies you; even if that something is stabbing your finger onto plastic bubbles. “Occupied time” just feels shorter than “unoccupied time.” People doing nothing in a line typically overestimate their wait by about 36 percent. Presumably, these Milanese bus passengers will now wait much more happily.

Need something to do right now? Pop some virtual bubble wrap.

This is genius.

We should have these in law school.


The UPS Foundation today joined a growing number of corporate leaders in providing financial support to those organizations that align with the company’s non-discrimination policy. Under this policy, the Boy Scouts of America is no longer eligible for grants from the UPS Foundation because of the BSA’s ban on gay scouts and scout leaders.

Way to go, UPS!

There’s a little stage. Children are gathered around. Up pops a little mouse puppet. Hello! Baby Mouse. He’s lost. He’s trying to find his way home through the woods. And he misses his mom. He’s getting hungry. Then suddenly, from behind a bush, out pops an alligator! And eats him. ‘Baby Mouse is not alive anymore,’ the narrator concludes.

Lulu Miller on how children think about death (and puppet shows).  Read all about it.

This has nothing to do with law, but it’s a fascinating idea.

Finally, there can be no doubt that these acts, if the allegations of the letter were false, would be viewed at common law as a mortal sin, and that having permitted the letter to remain in conduit, Mrs. Jensen’s last conscious moments on this earth were spent with knowledge that the letter was still in the conduit and that she would, by failing to retrieve it, ratify this mortal sin; that she would have known that she would therefore have no chance of absolution, and that on the day of judgment, she would be condemned to eternal torment and damnation.

EvidenceState v. Jensen (2008)

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